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doctor checking up the little boy

Our campaigns are focused on raising awareness of what children in developing nations are going through and eventually improving their overall health.

Most people are not aware of how bad the conditions of children in developing countries are. They want to help but they do not know where to start. They empathize but they are unable to take action.

At Save A Child International, a children’s charitable organization in Atlanta, Georgia,YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN CHILDREN’S LIVES.
You can take action through awareness of our vision and mission to help our sick children. You can participate in raising awareness of the great need to help our sickly children in your own communities. Raising awareness will help the public sector to help in any way they can… big or small. Your participation is vitally important to our success in this humanitarian effort.

To know more about our campaigns, kindly talk to us at +1-866-230-0001.