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Category Archives: Congenital Heart Disease

Parent’s Guide to Congenital Heart Disease in Children

Heart defect? In my baby? Sadly, it can happen. Congenital heart disease is the medical term referring to a problematic structure of a child’s heart, which they already have the moment they were born. While some of these defects don’t need treatment, there are those that are very complicated and requires several stages of surgery … Continue reading

Join the Fight Against Congenital Heart Disease: Because All Children Deserve a Strong Start in Life

According to The Children’s Heart Foundation, nearly one of every 100 babies is born with a Congenital Heart Defect. Congenital heart disease is a common cause of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity among young children and adolescents in Africa. Around 25% of children born with a congenital heart defect will need heart surgery or other interventions … Continue reading